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Abbie Lake Kennels - Daycare & Boarding Service

Bringing your dog to daycare is a great way for them to get socialization, fun, and exercise without you freezing at the dog park. Dogs run and play all day. Plus, no more feeling guilty about working long days or going out after work.

Benefits of Daycare
Reduce or Eliminate Unwanted Behavior
Destructive chewing, barking, digging, and house soiling are often the result of boredom, under-stimulation or lack of exercise. Abbie Lake Kennels provides your dog with the exercise and stimulation she needs to keep your couch, rugs, and garden safe.

Dogs are pack animals; therefore, being alone can be distressing. In fact, many wild dogs go their whole lives without spending a minute alone! At Abbie Lake Kennels your pooch will enjoy romping and playing with his pals and the doting staff all day long.

Your dog will spend the day running and playing on our puppy playground equipment, and wrestling with her friends.

Improved Confidence
Daycare is a great way for fearful dogs to build confidence around other dogs and people. 

And most of all…because it’s FUN!